Community Engagement

When knowledge is shared, communities thrive...

We love meeting new people and we love getting out and about within the community.

We want to connect with your community group and find out from you what your needs are and how we might be able to work together to achieve those goals.

Here are just some of the places we have connected with recently, as well as some of the feedback we received about the session.

What's covered in our sessions?

These are some of the usual things covered in our information sessions. But we are flexible and can tailor our sessions to your needs.
Understanding what navigation services are
The difference between navigation and advocacy
The typical types of queries that we take at Way Finders
Discussions around ‘cover’ and what that means
Common mistakes that end in dispute with ACC – e.g. people thinking they have cover for an injury/ diagnosis that they do not
Important features of ACC claims to be aware of
The importance of medical notes and what information they cover
Identifying the key people involved in your ACC claim and recovery journey
Steps to follow in your interactions with ACC to ensure that your claim is on track
Steps to follow if things go wrong
Steps for healthcare providers when supporting injured ACC patients through a process
Working together to support injured people  - understanding the roles of each organisation and how can we support each other to provide guidance to people in need
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A group of elderly people sitting at a group session

Here’s a list of some of the types of places we have met with recently.

Healthcare Providers

National Rehabilitation Providers group
Focus on Potential (Rehabilitation providers)
Bay Rehab – rehabilitation providers.

Support groups

Brain Injury support groups
Headway Brain Injury Auckland
Brain Injury Waikato
Brain Injury Liaison Officers
Spinal Support NZ and NZ Spinal Trust
YouthLaw Aotearoa
Male Support Services Waikato


Financial Independence (Insurance brokerage)
Waikato Regional Network Convenors for the Parliamentary Service staff and MP support groups
Citizen’s Advice Bureau
Office of the Health and Disability Commission

We are also happy to provide information and education sessions for your group.

Simply fill in the form and we will get back to you to book this is. We can offer virtual sessions, via Zoom, however in certain cases, we may be able to provide the session in person, depending on where it is.

Organisation Details

Session Details

If you don’t already have a venue let us know if you need help with this. Please think about the needs of your attendees and things like public transport, parking, ease of access etc when booking your venue.

If yes, we will contact you to discuss your needs in more detail.

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Such a worthwhile presentation

"Was such a worthwhile presentation for our rehab team, many commented to me afterwards how useful it was and how much they learned."

Real-life examples were used to give context

"[The presenter] took the time to outline the service, the legal implications and framework in relation to what our clients often face. It was interesting and real-life examples were used to give context. She answered questions and was not rushed, spent time needed - excellent."