Our promise, our values, and about Way Finders.

When knowledge is shared, communities thrive...

A brief history of Way Finders

ACC recognizes that their policies and processes can sometimes be hard to understand, which can often lead to confusion and frustration. In 2016, Miriam Dean QC's report identified the need for navigation services to support individuals interacting with ACC.

Two organizations, SRS and Taikura Trust, shared a vision for improving the ACC experience and pooled their resources to create Way Finders. Our purpose is to support and equip people with the knowledge they need for their ACC journey, guiding them through the process and facilitating and impacting change within ACC where change is needed. We're dedicated to delivering exceptional client service and encouraging individuals to share their newfound knowledge with others, creating a positive impact on their communities.

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Vision Statement

Our vision is for every person/tāngata with an injury and/or disability to be able to access supports to live their normal life.

Mission Statement

Our approach supports people/tāngata who have had an injury to make informed decisions; to build capability in the community and influence changes to the ACC system.

Aroha - Caring

We prioritize clients and whānau, treating them with care, respect, and dignity. We nurture people with empathy and compassion, acting in their best interests.

Tika - Accountable & Innovative

We strive for excellence in our services, sharing knowledge and skills to support sustainable responses. We equip individuals with tools and support for their journey.

Pono - Transparency

We build trust through honesty, integrity, and transparency. We listen, communicate clearly, and provide positive platforms for safe conversations.

Hononga - Connectedness

We value people's input and provide options for positive engagement with service providers and community services. We support individuals in accessing links to their local communities, other services and opportunities.

What these values mean for you

Really Independent - We are committed to delivering the Way Finder’s service with the highest level of integrity.

Really Clever - We are committed to delivering the Way Finder’s service with excellent communication and knowledge.

Really Innovative - We are committed to delivering the Way Finder’s service with clarity in order to affect change internally and externally.

Really Connected - We are committed to delivering a responsive Way Finder’s service in the most accessible and community-centric manner.

If you feel we have fallen short of our promise to you in any of these areas, please let us know by filling out our feedback form.

The Way Finder’s Team

Way Finders is a growing team of passionate navigators working remotely throughout Aotearoa. Our team are involved in regular training and keep in touch with what is happening within the ACC world and NZ health and disability issues across the country.

Careers with Way Finders

Currently there are no open positions at Way Finders, however, check back again as we may be hiring soon. To register your interest in working for us please click the link below.

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With over 10 years experience, Michaela has an excellent understanding of ACC, loves helping people and finds immense satisfaction in improving their lives. Whether it's connecting them with the right resources,  advocating for their needs, or simply being a supportive ear, she’s all about making a positive impact. She’s  got a knack for problem-solving and finding creative solutions to challenges that come her way.



Robin has worked in the ACC, Disability and Navigation space for 10 years. He is passionate about helping people to the best of his ability and puts a lot of emphasis on ensuring clients feel heard and understood.


Rob joined the Way Finders team in 2019. With 6 years in UK policing and over 9 years specialising in ACC Review Hearings, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and the ACC Navigation space, he brings a wealth of experience to his  role. Passionate about access to justice, Rob aims to positively impact the ACC Navigation space by providing timely accurate advice, with a people first approach at the heart of everything he does.



Laura has extensive case management experience in both the private and commercial sector including 9 years at ACC. She has a real passion and genuine motivation to help people and will explore all possibilities before providing early independent advice.


Gina has extensive experience in customer facing roles including 9 ½ years at ACC. She gets to the crux of the matter and delivers information in a clear, simple, and straightforward way with her easy-going friendly approach.


Katja is passionate about providing useful advice to people, to help them improve their situation. She has an extensive background working in the public service and finance sectors, including over two years at ACC.


Peter is a friendly and reliable person with a passion for learning and further development. Peter has 7 years of customer service experience performing case management for 4 of those years with expertise in the area of sensitive claims. Peter has been studying Psychology on and off working towards a degree in that field of study. Peter is highly enthusiastic and absolutely determined to see things through to the end.



Sarah has a passion to help people and their whānau access their ACC support/entitlements. She has vast ACC knowledge, having worked for ACC for 7 years. Sarah has a particular interest in supporting people through all ACC processes in particular Mental Injury, Permanent Injury Compensation (PIC) entitlement, and has many years within the Disputes Resolution (complaints) space.

Waihi Beach


Emma joins Way Finders bringing 11 years’ experience in the ACC Case Management and Cover Assessment space. She has sound knowledge of the Vocational Independence pathway and a particular interest in supporting mesh injured clients navigate ACC. Emma is committed to guiding people through their ACC journey with care and consideration of their unique needs.



Mel worked as an Occupational Therapist in NZ and abroad before joining ACC where she worked for 17 years. She has a particular interest in supporting people with cover for mental injury enquiries but has a wide understanding of what makes ACC and people, tick.

Michelle P

Michelle P has extensive claim management experience including a period of 13 years with ACC. She has a particular interest in supporting children and their whānau, alongside a broad understanding of ACC policies and practices.

Palmerston North

Michelle G

Michelle G started her career as a Social Worker and then spent 21 years working at ACC with a particular interest in vocational rehabilitation for people with spinal cord and/or traumatic brain injuries. Working at Way Finders has further developed her knowledge of all things ACC.



Rachel has 18 years of professional experience working in the disability field and case management. Through listening  and asking questions she will be able to provide support to help you understand what is happening and why, and  guide you through the next steps.



Shelley joined the Navy as a medic at age 17, where she specialised in Surgical Nursing and post-surgical recovery. She then moved to case management roles at Ministry of Social Development and ACC over a period of 24 years. Her passion is supporting vulnerable clients to access the entitlements they need to be able to live their lives on their own terms.



Narelle’s background is in social work before she joined ACC, where she loved working as a case manager in the Non-Earner Team, Sensitive Claims and Complex Physical Injuries for 7 and a half years. Narelle possesses a calm, understanding and patient manner and takes great joy in helping people.

I don't know where I would be

"If it wasn't for the support, I am currently receiving from Way Finders I don't know where I would be......Thank you Way Finders for giving me support AND HOPE, that I can make it through the difficult process of managing a long-term injury and getting the help I need and am entitled too.”

Tangible and practical resources

"The service from Way Finders was extremely good. Not only did we get the advice that we needed to understand the situation we are in, but we received tangible and practical resources that have helped us shape our ongoing interactions with ACC. The response from Way Finders was also very fast. Overall, we are pleased and grateful for our encounter with your service.”