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Our service is free and there are no hidden fees or costs when engaging with us.

We provide free, independent advice so that you can understand what is happening with your claim and your ACC entitlements or any other query relating to ACC.

We will equip you and lead you and be your personal guide on your ACC journey. No question is too big or too small.

We help with things such as

Answering your ACC claim questions

Helping you understand how ACC works

Advising you how ACC could support you

Preparing you for an ACC review

Advising you about ACC in relation to your business

And more!

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It’s hard to believe I’m living life again

"The contrast in my life between when I first contacted you and now is so surreal and a little euphoric that it’s really hard to believe I’m here living life again.”

Clear concise and easy to understand

"I sent an email to Way Finders and received a reply within the hour! The information provided was clear and concise and easy to understand. There was also an invitation extended to make contact again if needed/wanted. Well done people!!”