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Cabin in the Hills

A life transformed

"The contrast in my life between when I first contacted you and now is so surreal and a little euphoric that it’s really hard to believe I’m here living life again. The back pay gave me an opportunity to escape from the system that served me extremely well clinically but had me trapped at the very last hurdle of actually re-integrating back into society. 


Now I feel like I have a chance to live again, I intend to make the most it and keep to my plan of giving back. I’m keeping my degree on my work desk to remind me why I’m here at [my job] and keep me accountable to complete the journey and give back the help I received to others who need it just as much as I did.


Thank you again, I have no doubt I will be referring future patients/clients that equally deserve your help.”   James.               

A further selection of real feedback from real people who we have helped

"If it wasn't for the support, I am currently receiving from Way Finders I don't know where I would be......Thank you Way Finders for giving me support AND HOPE, that I can make it through the difficult process of managing a long-term injury and getting the help I need and am entitled too."

"The service from Way Finders was extremely good. Not only did we get the advice that we needed to understand the situation we are in, but we received tangible and practical resources that have helped us shape our ongoing interactions with ACC. The response from Way Finders was also very fast. Overall, we are pleased and grateful for our encounter with your service."

"Kia ora, the help Way Finders gave us as a whaanau for our girl was vital. They got, after 2 emails what we had been asking for for 7 years. They always communicated well and clearly with us in a way we understood and for once it was like speaking to someone who actually cared and wanted to help! Thankyou Way Finders! We honestly would still be at a standstill with a burn out whaanau if not for your help!

"Tēna koe, Thank you to [Navigator] for all his knowledge and assistance during this very challenging process. Through [his] excellent communication skills, I felt clearer on the process that lay before me. I felt [he] really listened to me and repeated anything I wasn't understanding with kindness and patience. After our conversations [he] would email me reiterating what we had discussed. This helped me immensely! Thank you. A huge awhi to [Navigator] for assisting me navigate the convoluted ACC Sensitive Claims Process. Ngā mihi maioha - Thank you with appreciation. Empowered in a difficult process."

"Something I was trying to accomplish with ACC for 3 months was handled and resolved in two days..."

"[Navigator] really cultivated a relationship of trust. After the ordeal with ACC this was so important that we felt he was giving us true and accurate information. We didn't hesitate sharing personal information and this proved to be invaluable. Many thanks [Navigator].

"Way Finders have been absolutely amazing. I felt so lost and didn't know how to proceed and they have given me so much help more than once. Thank you."

"The person I spoke to was very empathetic and patient. He quickly unraveled my complex information and was able to give me clear, concise information and advice. Very grateful for his help."

"[Navigator] was great, she understood my situation clearly, explained the process and what we needed to do to achieve the great outcome. Without Way Finders, I would still be languishing rather than having the opportunity to have a chance to be a part of the community and live again. Thank you so much, I will be eternally grateful for [your] help achieving an important goal in my rehabilitation."

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